Our Values

Creative Learning
We believe that creative expression is a basic human need and right. We are dedicated to connecting children with their ability to create and to express themselves. By helping them access their innate creativity and expression, we believe children will become intrinsically motivated to learn, experiment and more fully engaged in life.
We believe in partnership between family and school in the endeavor to raise children. Our educational approach supports children in practicing mutual respect, cooperation, leadership, mentoring, listening, personal integrity, valuing differences, and conflict resolution. We help foster the social skills children need to thrive in the relationships they form throughout their lives.
Adaptive Teaching
Humans learn, develop, and perceive the world in different ways. To this end, we carefully observe and assess each child’s individual interests and needs, then use this information to guide our teaching. Because we know that learning comes most naturally when driven by children’s interests, we adapt instruction to the learning styles of each child, while mindful of our shared goals.
Passion to Grow
It is critical for children to develop a profound sense of self, which we believe involves considering and understanding their own learning processes, social skills, and strategies for well-being. We help them to be open-minded, reflective, curious, and balanced. Our aim is to instill a passion for personal growth and wellness that lasts a lifetime.

News & Events

Defense Day celebrations were held at KPS in September. Children presented a number of National songs and many colorful performances. Children were very keen to salute the National heroes of 1965 war and expressed their gratitude for the Armed forces of Pakistan.
Mr. & Mrs. Khalid Chaudhry visited KPS in November. The went around the school and observed the educational activities. They talked to the children and asked about their progress. Both Mr. & Mrs. Khalid Chaudhry appreciated the efforts of the teachers and also gave suggestions to improve the working of the school.
A Science & Art exhibition was held at KPS on 7th November, 2015. Mr. & Mrs. Khalid Chaudhry graced this occasion as Chief Guests. Children presented their projects to the guests who were very impressed with the children’s efforts and appreciated the keenness and the hard work. The event got full coverage on City 42 News.
Result of the December Test will be announced on 15th of December during the Parent Teacher Meeting. Good luck to everyone.
School will remain closed for winter vacations from 24th December, 2015 till 3rd January, 2016.
School will reopen on 4th January 2016 after the Winter Vacations.

Our School

KPS-School-Building Kamran Public School (KPS) is a faith-based school imparting both general and religious education. KPS places a lot of importance on pastoral care, especially in making sure that the students are enriched with Islamic and universal values and morals. Each and every student is expected to grow up into a model citizen and an ambassador for Islam in society. At KPS equal emphasis is placed on all subjects including participation in sports and other recreational activities. Students are encouraged to participate in developing their independent learning skills and have access to a well resourced library. All students are expected to excel in Quranic studies both in terms of correct recitation (tajweed) and understanding of the Quran and its meanings. The school has a unique spiritual development program called the Quranic Education Curriculum (Nisab Taleem-e-Qurani).

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